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These Tales are not meant to Alarm or Annoy Mr. Bennet, Miss Disher, Mr. Head, Mistress Carpenter, Mr. Duchovny, Mistress Anderson, Mr. Brendon, any of their friends and Relations, nor their Servants, Solicitors, Bondsmen, Hangers On, or to fret their Domestick Animals.

There is no intention on the Part of the Authouress to Infringe or make Careless usage of the Copyrights Held by Msr. Chris Carter, Mr. Whedon, Mr. Straczinsky, Mr. Parriot, Mr. Slan, nor any of their Solicitors or Bondsmen.

These tales are Not to be Consider'd a Mark against such fine Upstanding Citzens.

Marcus, his friend Mags and other assorted Characters of Note are under the tutalage of Mistress Keene, and mayn't go out to play without their Mother's Permission.

For Readers of Delicate Sensibilities, persons use Impolite Language, engage in Sexual Situations of a Reasonably Conventional Nature.

(In other words, "Don't sue.")

And so, without further ado...

Babylon 5

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Forever Knight

The X-Files

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