Yes, Sir

Walter Skinner wanted to wrap up this meeting. He hated disciplinary meetings, and ones with Mulder and Scully were becoming too much of a habit lately. Fond as he was of these two, he'd knock their heads silly if it could get them to show some common sense.

Mulder was looking a bit abashed for a change. He was the one who had jumped in where angels feared to tread. He was responsible for them both being called on the carpet. He knew and didn't contribute much more that, "Yes, sir. No, sir. Of course, sir."

He better wrap it up. He was starting to lose Scully. She was looking at her hands in her lap, her expression masked. It wasn't as if she didn't have enough to think about lately. Walter looked at her slight frame, which seemed to carry the weight of so many things. It might be worth tranquilizing Mulder for a week just for Scully's sake. It wasn't fair, Walter knew. Mulder wasn't responsible for all her troubles. But sometimes it was easier to pretend that he was.

"Let's see if we can prevent another incident like this one. Agents as well-trained and as good as you both like to think you are should know better than this. Sometimes," Skinner closed the file and gave them a sharp look, "I don't know whether to mark your files or paddle you both and send you to bed without supper!"

Mulder's face twisted in an attempt not to smile ruefully. Scully looked up from her hands and blushed.

"Get back to work." Walter watched them go, and put the files back into his desk. He went back to his own work, trying not to think how pretty Scully was when she blushed.

Back in the basement, Dana worked on catching up on her filing.

"I'll buy lunch, Scully. Guggenheim's okay?" Mulder pulled a deli menu out of his desk. He grinned at her. "Make up for getting us grounded?"

She managed a smile for him. "all right. Soup and potato pancakes. And chocolate cake, since you're buying."

After he'd gone, she went to the desk chair and slumped into it. How could she say it was the disciplinary meeting that had her subdued. It was Skinner's parting shot...that stepped on the heels of a image in her mind.

God, Dana! You can be so bad, sometimes!

She'd just been sitting there, not really listening and her mind started to wander. She'd had an image of herself, hands cuffed and bent over Skinner's desk. Mulder at her head, using his hard cock to gag her while Skinner prepared to give her the most through spanking of her life.

And then Skinner had made is his comment and Dana had wanted to die of embarrassment. What had she been thinking! And in his office, no less!

Leave it to men to ruin a perfectly good fantasy!

It was a good fantasy, she told herself sternly. It made a nice change from sweet, oh-so-cool Dana Scully. Nobody asked her how she was feeling and seeing if any of the cracks were showing in her armor. She wasn't having to be the calm one, the sensible one, the logical one.

She looked at the clock. Mulder wouldn't be back for at least a half an hour.

She dusted off the image again. She was bent over Skinner's desk. Her trousers, jacket and underwear were gone. Her blouse and bra were open, her breasts pressed against the hard wood. Her hands cuffed behind her back with Mulder's cuffs. She didn't know why she was being punished and frankly she didn't care as long as it didn't stop. Mulder's sculpted cock, ivory and lovely with a slight curve in it that would just hit that sweet spot inside pulled from his shorts. She opened her mouth for it, wanting to taste it. His hand was on her head, gripping her hair, holding her to feast on him. Dana took him in. He tasted earthy, rich, wonderful to her.

Skinner stroked her skin and then raised his hand and began. The crack of flesh on flesh was loud and the slaps stung. Oh God, she was glad for the cock in her mouth to muffle her cries. Good, he was good. Hard, fast, rhythmic slaps rained down on her bottom and thighs. Her hands twisted behind her back in pain as she licked and sucked Mulder wildly.

It was incredibly exciting.

In the office, Dana self-consciously ran her fingers over her nipples. Giving a nervous glance to the door, she spread her thighs and ran her hand over the crotch seam of her pants.

It's okay, nobody's here... you'll hear Mulder walking up the hallway.

Plus there was the thrill, the charge of the forbidden place, the sanctity of the office. The fantasy was just too compelling, and urge to be, well, just *bad* was too strong.

Tears had made steady tracks from the corners of her eyes when Skinner stopped. He stroked her burning ass and then stroked her equally burning sex. "Oh yes, so wet. Time to switch, Mulder. She's nice and warmed."

Mulder brushed a tear away from the corner of her eye and gently drew his cock away. "My turn, Scully."

She gave a whimper that was half apprehension, half hunger. He moved his hand from the side of her face and slid his fingers into her mouth. "I get to fuck you first, Scully. Isn't that what you've wanted? What you've always wanted? It's what I've wanted for a long, long time. But I get to punish you first."

Mulder moved away and Skinner took his place. "You are a sweet little slut, aren't you, Dana?" The words were gentle and he smiled at her. His fingers curled under her jaw, lifting her to look at him.

"Yes, sir." She whispered softly.

"Everyone thinks you're such a good, sweet, nice Catholic girl. So perfect." He bent over and kissed her, his tongue tasting her. At the same time, she felt Mulder's belt stroke her behind.

In the office, Dana rubbed herself hard through her clothes. Her breath was catching, her mouth moist. She knew it was absurd. She doubted that Skinner could call her his sweet, little slut than he could fly to the moon. But she liked the sound of it.

"But you really want to be our slut, our whore, don't you."

"Yes, sir."

He kissed her again, and then rose. He opened his pants and drew his erection out. He was bigger than Mulder, but not as finely sculpted. She sucked on him greedily. He was tangier than Mulder, an almost wilder taste. She loved the contrast of them both.

There was a brush of moving air before the belt impacted. She squealed around Skinner's erection and jumped slightly. Mulder petted her, soothing her.

In the office, Dana moaned.

This set the pattern for Mulder's spanking. The stinging stripe of the belt, her squeal and jump and then the soothing touch. She was getting wetter and wetter, and tears flowed freely from her eyes. She sucked and licked Skinner like she was possessed. Her jaw was started to ache a bit, and she opened it wide to pop it.

In the office, Dana quickly opened her suit trousers and slipped a hand inside. She burrowed it quickly under her panties and moved her fingers to her soft, lush vulva.

Just when Dana resigned herself to never being able to sit again, Mulder stopped and dropped the belt. With a whisper of movement, he shoved his hard cock deep inside her. He pushed her blouse up, his fingers tracing her tattoo before gripping her hips as he set a hard, fast rhythm.

Skinner pulled his cock out of her mouth, gripping her hair to silence any protests. "Just lick it. I don't want to come yet."

She obeyed, licking the shaft and head. It was getting hard to concentrate, though, with Mulder's cock pounding oh-so-perfectly inside her. She was rushing, higher and higher, faster and faster. Skinner pulled her head up by her hair and drank from her mouth. "She's going to come for you, Mulder."

"Yes, sir. Oh God, it's incredible. I'm going with her. Oh, Scully."

Scully screamed into Skinner's mouth as she came. It was so consuming that she barely felt Mulder's final hard thrust as he came, too.

Skinner stroked her face and kissed her again. "Lick her clean, Mulder. And rim her, rim her good." Walter opened a drawer and pulled out a tube of something and slid down to Mulder. "Get her nice and ready." He smiled at Dana. "Let's see what the oh-so-good Dana Scully is like with a fat cock up her ass. And I'll just bet, Mulder, that our pretty whore here would love to suck you dry. Think you can go another round?"

In the office, Dana's fingers were fast and desperate on herself.

Mulder's tongue cleaned her, moving artistically over her cunt and her reddened thighs. He kissed and nibbled gently, and then moved to her anal opening. His tongue teased the delicate tissue, awakening the nerve endings. Soon, she was moaning wildly. His tongue and lips soon took her over and she came again as he started lubing her up. Soon, he was opening her with his fingers.

She loved it, oh how she loved it.

Skinner kissed her again. "Time to switch, Dana. Milk him like the slut you can be, and I'll fuck you so good."

Before she could say, "Yes, sir," he was gone and Mulder was there, kissing her, letting her taste their passion, giving her his tongue. She smiled at him. "Am I your slut, Mulder? Was it good?" "It was wonderful, Scully. Yeah, my slut. I like that. Is Skinner right? You wanna suck me dry? I'd love to see you with my come on your face, Dana."

She gasped and moaned as Skinner pushed his cock in her anus. He fucked her slowly, carefully, making sure not to hurt her. It was delicious.

"Yes," she gasped, breathless. "Please, let me suck you off. Oh yes!" She moaned with pleasure as Skinner pressed deeper.

In the office, Dana's breath was hitching and she was gasping. Oh, yes, this would be a good one.

Soon it was a harmony of motion. She wasn't so much sucking Mulder off as he was fucking her mouth. The feel of Skinner fucking her ass grew better and better the more it went on. Is it possible to die from pleasure? She came again, drool slipping past Mulder's cock to dribble on the desk. Skinner was fucking her harder. Someone was murmuring her name, she didn't know who. She could feel the twitch in Mulder's cockhead and knew he was close. He grabbed her hair when he came, flooding her mouth. She drank his essence, and knew a bit was seeping out of the corner of her mouth. His fingers touched the wetness and smeared it across her cheek.

In the office, Dana's hips rose off the chair. Her head rocked back. She bit her lower lip. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes...

Walter's big cock was ramming into her now, and his finger dug and scratched trails on her hot skin. "So hot and tight! Such a sweet little slut!"

She writhed on the desk, moaning and gasping.

Then Mulder reached down and slapped her ass.

"Oh God," she cried out, she couldn't help it. "YES!"

It was enough to throw her into an altered state, somewhere she had never been before.

Her reaction wasn't lost on either of them. Mulder started spanking her again in earnest, in time to Skinner's hammered thrusts. Mulder's voice mixed in, though she couldn't understand all the words. Their whore, their slut, she was so hot, she was so perfect to punish, take it, take it, take.

"You're going to come again for me! You're going go off while I fill you with my come, Dana." Skinner's voice, still in command.

He was right, she was.

And she did.

In the office, Dana came all over her hand. While she was quivering with the aftershocks, she heard the elevator. She had just enough time to pull herself together.

When Mulder walked in with the bags, her eyes might have seemed a bit too bright and her cheeks bit too flushed, but not enough to comment on. She helped him pull out the lunch containers and they started to eat.