Chapter Two

Nick flew, the night air cold and sharp on his face. He wondered if Natalie would still be awake... or if the sound of her heart would be slow and steady; only changing when she dreamed.

Did she dream of him?

Did she long for him to hold her, kiss her, take her body...take her blood...


He couldn't think that... not about Natalie...

The soothing warmth of her touch, the kind light in her eyes when they were together. These things that he held on to...

We have needs, Nicholas, just as mortals do...

The smell of her, the sounds she might make, the taste...

No, not her. Never her.

Natalie pushed Marcus against the door frame of her bedroom, kissing him deeply. He pulled the silk camisole off, over her head and tossed it to the side. He ran a finger down a breast, lightly circling a nipple.

"You're sure you want me to stay?" He asked, his voice soft.

"Oh, yes." The pang of regret was exorcised by the magic of his touch. The joy of being wanted, the escape from her lonely frustration was heady. "I don't think I'm through with you just yet." She kissed him again, feeling shy and wanton at the same time. His face lit up, delighted as a child at Christmas.

"Great, do I get my own food dish; or do I share Sydney's?"

She laughed. "I don't know. How agreeable of a pet are you?"

"Very." Marcus leaned forward and licked her earlobe. "I'm clean. I only bark at strangers. I'm easy to brush and I don't mind getting my nails trimmed. I've had all my shots." His eyes met hers, significantly. "I've had all my tests."

She nodded. "Regularly? Me, too." she smiled. "You'd made a good boyscout."

"Nah." he nibbled at her ear. "All the boyscouts ever taught the guys I know was how to smoke dope and shoplift."

Laughing, she pulled away from him. Walking with deliberate slowness, she went to the bed and pulled the comforter back. Laying down, she moved into a graceful curl. "I only have one question."

He leaned against the frame, smiling fondly. "What's that?"

"Why are you still dressed?"

Marcus moved closer, opening his shirt. "Let's do something about that."

Nick landed on the ledge without sound. The trees to the side would mask him from view, he knew. He had been here many times, wanting to be close...


She's my friend.

And a good and dear one, Nicholas. So sweet, so loyal, so...forgiving of your occasional lapses. So beautiful when she smiles... and you wonder... wonder what it would be like...

Listening to her heart...

No! She's just my friend... I can't think of her like that... Not while I'm like take her... She might like it... She might want you...

No! She wouldn't!

Do you even know, Nicholas, what she might want? It amazing she hasn't gotten nosebleeds from the pedestal you've placed her upon. She's only a mortal...

Nick listened for Natalie's heart; trying to drown out the mocking voice in his head.

With a mortal's needs...

Her heart, strong and steady. A little fast, now.

A mortal's desires...

A second heartbeat, overlapping hers.


She wasn't alone. At this hour? Who could be with her at this time of the night? He moved closer, listening. Was she in danger? Was she all right?

A voice. A man's voice. Nick concentrated on it, moving closer to the window.

"Natalie?" A young man's voice; sensual and shy all at once. "You're so beautiful when you come..."

Nick almost fell off the ledge.

The sweet sound of her laugh. "That's a new one."

"No, no, I mean it. Your skin flushes with color and your face is so open... I can't describe it... It's wonderful. It's beautiful to me."

Nick's fingers clung around the bricks.

"Marcus... come closer." Her voice, soft and thick. Footsteps. Speeding heartbeats... the cutting of his breath as she kissed him...the sound of his hands roaming over her skin...

Natalie's skin...

Nick's fingers bruised the bricks.

What is she doing!

Oh, Nicholas, don't be so naive...She's entwined in the embrace of someone...

Who is THAT!

Who isn't you...

The sharp intake of breath as the kisses ended, the sound of lips running across flesh... the whisper of a moan from her...his dear one...

Jealousy, furnace hot radiated out from his wounded heart and threatened to choke him.

How could she! How could she do this! How could she hurt me like this!

Like how, Nicholas? My how sweet is the scent of hypocrisy combined with Janette's lingering perfume on your skin.

That isn't the same!

Are you so sure? Then why isn't Natalie allowed to know? Or is it because you never thought about your precious mortal angel having enough passion to measure against your dark love? Or because her lover can please her when you won't; and she'll cry out his name rather than yours...

No...It isn't anything like that!

The sound of the zipper being pulled was agonizingly loud. The soft rustle of trousers falling to the floor with a rattle of coins raised the hairs on the back of his neck.

I don't want to hear this!

Then, leave, Nicholas, just leave...

Nick edged closer to the window, the soft light barely making a glow through the heavy drapes.

If you can...

"Natalie, Natalie...wait." the young man, what was it, Marcus? His voice was cheerful and soft. "It'll be a little while before I can be ready again...Lay back... let me play with you for a bit."

Natalie chuckled. "Am I an instrument now?"

"You make very nice sounds." The sound of HIM climbing over her.

"But it's been a while since I was tuned."

Marcus groaned and tickled her, exploding her into laughter.

Nick was incredulous.

How can he just admit THAT so matter-of-fact?

It would seem that the young man has fewer inhibitions, than you, Sir Knight...

Doesn't he take any of THIS seriously?

Natalie gave a sharp gasp, then a low moan...

Yes, I think he does...

Nick closely examined the window. There was a small gap where the velvet panels buckled unevenly. If he pressed against the bricks, he could just peek in...

No! I can't do this!

Then, leave Nicholas, leave... and never know...

Natalie moaned again and whispered, "Yes, oh yes..."

Never see...

The bricks were scratchy against his face, and he couldn't see the bed.

Her sounds were muffled now, as if she were swallowing them. Perhaps she'd buried her face in the pillows...

Shifting his head slightly, he could see the large mirror on Nat's vanity table. It reflected the bed. He could see her. She was glorious.

Natalie...oh God, Natalie...

She was on her back, her hair a chestnut cloud on the pillows behind her. She was biting her lower lip which was swollen from kissing, her eyes were closed, and her face was flushed. Her soft, full, wonderful breasts rose and fell with her rapid breathing, nipples dark from her lover's attentions.

She was beautiful, primal, passionate...

More than you ever let yourself dream of...

The young man's hands were on her hips, holding her still. His long dark hair shone in the soft light as he bent his head between her thighs. Her legs were lazily drawn around his shoulders. The long, flat, lithe muscles of his back curved exquisitely into his buttocks and long legs.

Son-of-a-bitch! Even his Feet have muscle tone!

My, what an impressive specimen...

At times like this, Nick Knight wished his inner voice would go get a job somewhere else.

Marcus brought his hands down from her hips, bringing them into play. His tongue was connecting with something electric; Natalie drew in a slow, shuddering breath. Then she gave a sharp gasp; reached down and touched his hair.

The way she gave herself to pleasure echoed in Nick's mind.

If only...

The muscles in his shoulder rippled as Marcus touched her. The sound of his whisper was painfully loud to Nick. "I love how responsive you are... You're so sensitive to the least little touch... It's exciting to make you wet..."

Your mortal angel, whimpering with desire... Don't you wish it was with you?

Nick's teeth ground together like tectonic plates.

Don't you wish you could see better?

Marcus shifted his position. Nick could see all of Natalie now, her soft, wet vulva swollen and beautiful with arousal. Marcus was penetrating her with two fingers, working them slowly as she cried out in joy. Marcus put two fingers of his other hand in his mouth, sucking them, getting them wet. He lowered his hand and looked up at her.

"Do you mind if I touch you here?" he asked.

She made a sound that was something between a moan and a squeak. It took a moment for her to answer. "God, no!! Oh, that's nice..."

Oh, he's not!! Not there!

Marcus massaged her anal opening with one moist finger, waking up the many nerve endings. His other hand still thrust into her. With a smile he lowered his mouth back to her clit. Natalie's shoulders arched, and she turned her head to let the pillow swallow her cries.

She couldn't prevent the small shriek of pleasure as Marcus let the moist finger penetrate her anally. Her hips rocked in response and the muscles in her legs and feet tightened around her lover.

Natalie's nipples were rock hard and her breasts flushed pink with color. Nick ached to touch them... to lower his mouth on them as she rocketed towards her climax...

What the hell am I thinking!

My, what an interesting development for our noble knight...

"That's it, my lover, come for me; be open, give yourself to it..." Marcus increased the fucking of his hands and lashed his tongue hard across her clit. Natalie's moans were almost sobs. Her legs jerked wildly as she came, her back arched like a bow and her fingers tangled in Marcus' hair.

She was so wild, so overcome, so everything! Her beauty and her passion were overwhelming. Nick's cock stirred, his jealousy only feeding the need.

It would scorch you to touch her... fucking her would be like be inside someone with would take all yourself control not to come immediately, Nicholas... admit it...

He looks so pleased with himself... the smug little bastard!

It was unfair, but Nick didn't care.

Marcus held Natalie, kissed her tenderly, until the tremors stopped.

Nick waited to see what she would do.

Natalie reached one hand down between the two of them and took hold of Marcus.

Heat and ice rushed to Nick's groin.

Marcus grinned. "Well, I guess we know how long a while is for me. You do have my undivided attention, by the way."

Natalie gave him a long, lingering kiss; stroking him all the while. Nick became mesmerized by the movement of her hand. There was no hesitation in her gentle touch. Nick knew what her fingers felt like on his own skin... was she touching Marcus with the same firmness... did Marcus feel the same heat that Nick did...

Wondered how it would feel on his own cock...

I shouldn't be here... I shouldn't be watching... Are you saying you don't enjoy it? For all your ridiculous jealousy, you're hard all the same...Crusader...

Dammit! The bastard's circumcised, too!

Now, you're being irrational.

Shut Up!!

Marcus disengaged himself from Natalie's grasp with a kiss on her nose. "I left my stuff in the hall, let me go get..."

"No, don't." Natalie rolled over and opened a drawer on her night stand. The light reflected off the blue foil packets as she dropped them on the bed. Digging for a moment, she pulled out a small plastic bottle; then closed the drawer.

Fascinated, Nick watched her pour something from the bottle into her hand, then caress her lover again. Wetness reflected off Marcus' skin, looking inviting. Marcus leaned forward to reach for a condom, but Natalie pushed him back. He looked a bit bewildered. Nick was as puzzled as Marcus.

Her eyes sparkled as she lifted the condom and tore it open. Turning it over with her fingers she put it in her mouth.

What is she doing?

Kneeling forward, she took a hold of Marcus and held him steady. She brought her lips to his cock, slightly parted as if she was going to kiss it.

Oh my...

Her lips tightly engulfed the head of Marcus' cock, slowly drawing it in. His head rocked back and a ecstatic gasp escaped him. She moved forward with a fast push, taking him in her mouth about halfway. She pulled back, and Nick saw she had been rolling the condom on with her mouth. Reaching up with her fingers she rolled the latex the rest of the way down.

Nick's hardness began to ache as he watched Natalie continue to suck on Marcus' erection through the barrier. Wildly, he wondered what the pressure of her mouth felt like through the latex veil. Marcus held her head, his breathing fast and thick, and closed his eyes in rapture.

Slowly, reluctantly, she released him. Reaching out, she pushed Marcus on his back and moved astride him. Picking up the bottle again, she poured more wetness into her hand and applied it to Marcus' cock. Then, she reached between her own legs, making herself open and ready.

With a gentle smile she positioned herself, her soft chestnut hair falling over her shoulders and breasts.

Oh, Sweet Jesu, Natalie...yes...

Nick's own erection refused to be ignored. Self-consciously, he rubbed himself. The need, the ache was fed by jealousy and the beauty of the sight before him. His earlier orgasm was lost, forgotten... an age ago.

So, exquisite... Look at it, Nicholas... everything you never let yourself dream about... You want her to take him... to see how she can make him see her flow on her pleasure like a river...

Nick used one hand to support himself against the bricks. His other hand slid under the waistband of his trousers.

With agonizing slowness, Natalie lowered herself on Marcus' cock. She took him in at an inch at a time, her eyes dancing with delight. Her self-control was astonishing. Marcus gasped out as she took him, clearly the most exquisite torture he'd ever suffered. His hands flexed on the bedclothes, but he didn't interfere.

Nick's cock leapt under his fingertips and his fangs itched.

She rode Marcus slowly, luxuriously taking him in deep. It was tender, poetic...Marcus' muscles relaxed under her rhythm rather than tightening with frustration. He didn't move to thrust back, just gently rocked under her motion.

Beautiful... so beautiful...

What if it were you... would you stay so placid, so self-contained in the first stirring notes of this Magnificat or would you rush on... Hungry and wild, bereft of holiness, but longing for the Gloria Patri to echo in chorus...

Nick felt the blood sweat flush on his forehead. Unconsciously, the hand on his cock increased pressure in its ministrations.

Marcus moved to segue the lovemaking to further intensity. He moved one hand between the two of them to carefully massage Natalie as she rode. She moved her hands from his chest to her calves, to give him easier access. Moving in time, Marcus started thrusting with her.

Nick's mouth opened in a silent moan of desire. She was so beautiful it hurt to look at her. He knew she could feel all of Marcus inside of her, it was there in her face. Her eyes closed in bliss and her skin colored in excitement. A scar Nick never knew she had looked pale and vulnerable under her ribs.

So much you never knew, Nicholas...

When she shook with orgasm it took all of Nick's self-control not to burst into the room and catch her when she fell.

Marcus sat up and cuddled her close. Drawing his legs and positioning them carefully, he moved in a gentle roll. Natalie was placed on her back with Marcus over her, having never broken contact.

Nick's jaw dropped.

How the HELL did he do that?!

What a flexible young man...

But, how the HELL did he DO that?

Nick's jealousy flared hot at this new blow to his pride. The sight of Marcus' muscular body over Natalie's soft one only aroused him further. Watching her wrap her arms and legs around him, seeing the force of Marcus' thrusts excited him almost beyond reason.

I can't look anymore... I'll put them in danger... I can't...

The critical voice in his head gave no argument. Nick closed his eyes and pressed his face to the bricks; stoking his cock hard and fast. He made no sound, their gasps and moans became his own. In his mind, it was HE who rose over Natalie riding her hard and fast. It was HIS back that was left to the mercy of her fingers. It was HIS thighs her legs were wrapped around. It was HIM buried in her velvet warmth.

It was HE who called her name when he came...

So, so close now.

He could hear the sound of her, following Marcus to climax.

He bit into his wrist, letting the blood fill his mouth.

A rush of warmth and the scent of blood as he came.

"Natalie..." he whispered.

She burst into tears, and far closer than she could imagine, tears of blood fell in the dark.

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